Friday, October 14, 2011

'The song of songs - divine romance between God and man

Posted By Suja Jacob

"The voice of my Beloved!behold he comes leaping upon the mountains ,skipping upon the mountains,skipping upon the hills".

My Beloved is like a roe or a young hart ,behold ,he stands behind our wall,he looks forth at the windows,showing himself through the lattice.
" (song of songs 2:8-9)

They speak of the vitality of Christ's resurrection..He leaps over the hills and mountains.Nothing is too high or great to stop Him.

The Lord is the Lord of resurrection.He has overcome all difficulties and barriers.The minute He leaps all barriers are under Him.

But there is an obvious problem.

A wall exist between the Lord and the maiden.It encloses her and keeps the Lord out.Yet she sees nothing wrong with the wall.She calls it 'our' wall.

meaning that it belongs to her and the Lord.

She intends to enclose herself and him and to keep the world and everything else out.

She only knows the sweetness of fellowship ,but does not know the power of work and the fierceness of warfare.

There is only this thought of making 3 tents on the mountain ,but no thought given to the mass of sinners at the base of the mountain.

She is always turning inward to seek the joy of the Lords presence.

This is her wall.

The Lord is standing ,not sitting.He is ready to make a move.

Sitting leads to rest,standing leads to work.

He is outside.

Therefore the maiden must let go of the Lord within and allow Him to lead her out.

She must trust in His word and follow Him by exercising her faith to leap over mountains and hills.

Though she puts up a wall,He can yet make windows(lattice) for Himself,to get through to her.

The wall is her wall of introspection and feelings.

verse 2:11-"for lo the winter is past ,the rain is over and gone".

He calls her to come away with Him.

Winter depicts dryness,coldness ,lack of growth and testing.

He has driven winter away and the winter rain too.

Winter rain keeps man inside the house ,also refer to trials,which stop him from doing any work.

Verses 12 and 13-signify the arrival of spring,accompanied by flowers,singing of birds and voice of the turtle in the land.the vines are in blossom 

and give a lovely fragrance.

Fruit bearing is certain.

Everything dead is over,the future is full of assurance.

Verse 5-"Take us the foxes,the little foxes,that spoil the vines ;for our vines have tender grapes."

Foxes take away the fruit ;so there is a chance of fruit bearing.

But the little foxes break the branches whenever they can ,making it impossible to bear fruit.

What are little foxes?

They are the small habits,manifestations of our carnal life.Not big sins,but can hinder our fruitfulness.

The maiden cannot deal with them by herself.Hence the Lord says "take US the little foxes" meaning they must be dealt with in cooperation between the king and the maiden.

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