Thursday, October 13, 2011

Peril of Pride

Posted by Suja Jacob

"But Hezekiah did not respond appropriately to the kindness shown to him." (2 chronicles 32:25)
We can put it like this. “he grew proud”.

Hezekiah forgot to give god credit for his success.  Even though he knew it was He who fought on his side against the mighty Assyrians
Hezekiah started out well.
·          He sought God wholeheartedly in his early years as king.
·          He smashed idols,
·          Repaired the Temple,
·          Restored worship.
·          He made double walls around the city.
·          Dared to defy the Assyrian king, refusing to pay him tribute.

But something happened some years later.

Sennacherib attacked Judah. Hezekiah apologized to him and tore off the gold from the temple doors and treasuries to pay him tribute.

Why did he change his mind?

He compromised with his enemy, having probably backtracked from his original unwavering trust in his God.  God surely delivered him from mighty Sennacherib later, but Hezekiah was already on his downward journey spiritually.

Crowned with success, riches and accolades pouring in from all sides. He forgot it was God who did it. So sickness set in to try him. He prayed a self-centered prayer ,focusing on all he was and he had done ,rather than dwelling on His mercies.

Yet God relented.

But later withdrew from Hezekiah to test what was in his heart.

Loaded with it.

He then shows off his immense wealth to his future enemy Babylon.  Notice his response when reprimanded by God though prophet Isaiah.  He was "happy" it wouldn’t happen in 'his' lifetime.

How selfish.

He who built double walls around his kingdom ,failed to detect an even deadlier enemy lurking within his own walls.

His Pride.

Beloved friends, let us be careful, lest we too fall in the same trap.

God deserves our glory.

He alone

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