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Hi, I am Jijo. Founder Director of Trend Setters and leading the Virtual Led movement in south and west India for last 15 years. In my free time I enjoy being with family, writing, speaking, and playing volleyball.
I speak topics related to leadership, Productivity, social media and Faith. I have been speaking for more than 16 years have presented in more than 300 events. I would like to make a presentation to your group.

My life
I like to describe myself as a believer and communicator who loves God's Word and connecting with students and youth. I'd like to share a bit from my heart on how this place came to be. I have been journaling for many years now ... 
While I was a student I went through different ways that were appealing for me. I experimented many things for success. I have achieved success in many areas. But I felt a vacuum in my heart and I was really in thirst for some kind of fulfillment. I had leadership but I was not able to lead, I had friends but was not able to give them bliss, I had education but not understanding, and I made money but I found it worthless. This pulled me into frustration and I was totally lost.  
I believed in a God but I never knew what kind of God he is. I knew He will perform miracles but I never knew how to get miracles done for me. I heard that He is love but I could not found that love. But soon after my graduation one brother who followed me for three years in my campus invited me to stay with him for few days and involve in their activities. He was a staff of Campus Crusade for Christ. I agreed and I was there for two months. I literally found the real meaning and purpose of life in these days. They shared me about the God, Jesus and Christian living which you can also find in Find God Page. I understood that I am not living with the purpose God had for me and thus I am a sinner. I repented and committed my life to Christ that day.  
I cant forget what He has done for me after that day. He gave me purpose and fulfillment in my life. And that is without money, friends, leadership and other provisions of the world. I found a meaning in life. That made me tell others about that experience. I am here because of that joy which I found by trusting Jesus Christ as my Savior and Lord. I am here to help people who are searching fulfillment and satisfaction in their life. I am writing not only to see you in heaven but also to see you living a happy life here in earth. Please write back to me with all your doubts and thoughts, I am here to listen you and talk to you. 

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