Thursday, January 17, 2013

When I look back

Its my story on my Birthday.

Last year was more blessed. Thank you. I told God this birthday morning
Was it? God asked me. I became little confused for a moment. Was it blessed? 

Did I achieved everything I wanted? No.. no. I have not achieved anything you wanted to achieve... 
Oh no! then what was that I achieved? What was God doing? I asked God. He show me what He was doing in my life last year. Wow... God was helping me to achieve what He wanted me to achieve. 

Saturday, January 12, 2013

With Jesus in my Car

    A girl was going on outing with her two friends and their 
three boyfriends, in a small car.
Then the Mum said to the daughter, "May God protect you and let Him move with you"
The daughter laughed in disguise and replied: "Mum the car is full maybe if God moves in the boot, let him try there ."
They then drove and went away.
Then a terrible accident happened, the car was destroyed beyond recognition, all who were in died and some of them were only recognized by checking on the clothes they wore.
Surprisingly, when the police opened the boot of a car, they found two trays of eggs which not even one was damaged, in that crashed car.

NOTE: If the daughter had invited God and given him a place in the car, he would have saved them and no one of them would be hurt or damaged as he protected the Eggs in the boot where he was given a place.

The Bible says the prayer of a righteous person is powerful and effective, yet something extraordinary happens when two or more agree together in prayer

Now here is a song you can sing