Saturday, November 6, 2010

Why trust Jesus?

Why trust Jesus? He is another religion originator! What is the use of trusting Him? This was the most important question in my mind years ago. I searched for the answers were ever I go and in what ever I read. As you read this you might be a person asking the same question. Or you might be a person who  already found the answer of this question.
In the beginning, there was only one answer for me, it was that Jesus is the only person who can give you the peace of mind and satisfaction. I trusted in this information; started trusting Jesus and I really found the peace and satisfaction in my mind. 
Along with that I found another great use of trusting in Jesus, I found that Jesus can save me from destruction. I learned that I was created to be with God, but because of various reasons, I am not having that kind of relationship with God right now and I was going to the eternal damage. I also found that Jesus could save me from this situation and give me heritage in heaven. And I trusted in Him and started enjoying the joy of salvation. Jesus delivered from the bondage of sin which put me in trouble and gave me the great hope and strength to live the purpose of my creation.
I found another reason for trusting in Jesus. He started guiding everyday events in my life and i started receiving answers for my prayer. Also I saw Jesus is also blessing all kinds of people from every tribe, tongue and nations. I want to share the witness of one of my dear brother in Jesus Christ. His name is Suresh Kumar. You can also see him on

I was born in a in a Hindu family in the year 1962. Since my child hood, for a long time, I had been boldly denying the existence of the Almighty, as I was not able to see or feel God. I spent time to learn other activities like sports, martial arts, practiced Karate and Boxing and participated in the national tournament. We were living according to the standards of the world. Our parents were against such practices and they restricted us. We faced problems at home and were gradually loosing harmony. I attended “sai bhajans” but that did not make any difference in my nature.  I received a job with the Government which gave me a slight consolation. 
    After marriage my relationship with my wife grew worse gradually and started loosing hope in life. I made up my mind to divorce my wife as I was sure that we will not be able to pull on further. At this time a Hindu friend shared the Good News of Jesus Christ and informed that there is hope for me in Christ. Being a Hindu and a vegetarian, I refused to accept Christ’s teachings. Later, when I knew that Jesus was the only true God I whole heartedly accepted Jesus Christ as my personal Savior and confessed him with my mouth as Lord and Savior, according to the Scriptures. I was saved and I felt the power of God in my body and peace in my heart. My friend took me to prayer fellowships and requested believers to pray for me. As the word says “There is a time for everything”. Later, when my uncle prayed for me I received the anointing of the Holy Ghost. Soon, I took immersed baptism, in water. 
           My behavior took a sharp turn. God helped me to stop my vices and cleansed me from inside. God saved my wife and showed us great signs and wonders, increased our faith and proved that he is living. He cured my mother from her death bed, several times. My father too was cured from his low level of hemoglobin (Only 4%). I saw my co-brother’s son being cured from cerebral disorder, by prayers. My children too were saved. Now we live in fellowship with God. He is answering out prayers as it is written “For the eyes of the Lord are over the righteous, and his ears are open unto their prayers”. 
       We understood that there is only one true God and that he came in the form of a man; bore punishment for all our inequities to redeem us from our sins by dieing on the cross, in our place. He resurrected the third day and is living in the right side of God interceding for all of us.

“Believe in Lord Jesus Christ and you will be saved and your family”.

Bro. Suresh Kumar

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