Sunday, November 17, 2013

Fast & Furious 6, Retirement of Sachin & Us...

This post is written by Vishal Mangalwadi as his facebook status. Because of the importance of the matter, I am reposting it in life everlasting blog. 

On flight from LA to London, I decided to watch a mindless movie, Fast and Furious 6. It was a pleasant surprise to see the movie make a strong case for Family. The villain mocks the heroes that their commitment to family is what weakens them (relative to him, who uses others). That was secular celebrity, media, university, feminist culture mocking Christianity's "puritanical" view of the family. But the film portrays male heroism as fighting for family - even when your own woman shoots you to try and kill you. The film ends with heroes giving thanks to 'Our Father' for food, family, and, of course, fast cars. 

In London for a night, my niece's husband, Sanjay, and cricker son, Anmay, showed me the recording of the retirment speech of India's greatest cricketer, Sachin Tendulkar. It was a powerful, emotional, and very un-Indian affirmation of family, except if Sachin (already a Member of Parliament) was an American President, he would have actually kissed his wife with hundreds of cameras focused on him.

Sachin remained enough of an Indian to refrain from public expression of obedience to the Bible's unique command, "husbands love your wife." No culture other than the New Testament has ever required a husband to love his wife. .. Every culture has permitted separation, divorce, multiple partners. In the West Secular university, film, celebrity, and sport culture has undone what the Bible did in promoting its peculir view of marriage globally. So, it was refreshing to be affirmed in continuing to swim against a mighty, diabolical tsunami destroying God's view of family. 

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