Saturday, March 27, 2010

You have eternal life

What happens after death?
How long I can live?
Where I will go after death? Is death is the end?
If death is the not end, Then what is going to be next?

Questions Questions Questions ........

I was living on theses questions. I am happy to believe that there is nothing after death. What matters is the life now I have. So since there is nothing more after death, its my turn to enjoy life in its fullest when I live. So I can do whatever I need to satisfy myself. No law is applicable for me since my life is not tooo long and I have no time to obedient to the rules which break my fun. So I can live in whatever way I wish to.
But again, what if there is a life after death? What will happen to me if there is graduation ceremony when I complete the course of life here? What is I fail the final exams of life? What if there is a God who judges everyone according to their actions and decisions in their life? These are the questions which really helped to change my attitude about my life. Understanding the eternal life can be called as the starting point of successful life in your life also.
There is a world of exciting life is credited especially for people with their saviour in heart. If you enjoy happiness, you will love the 'life everlasting with the saviour Jesus Christ. The time we spend with the Lord Jesus Christ is the most wonderful time we can ever enjoy. If we enjoy even a short span of fellowship with Him, what if we get a chance for experiencing it eternally? never - ending? without a pause for millions of years?
You might as " Is it true?" "How can I live for millions of years?" You might have several other questions about the admission to this course of life.
We introduce to you the best opportunity in your life time to understand the truths about the eternal life and the ways to live this earthly life in more fruitfull and
profitable ways.

This page is just customary made to fit to your needs. This page will explain to you all about the LIFE EVERLASTING in words and ways most relevant to you. Visit and use this rare opportunity with your friends.

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